March 14, 2016

Telling it like it is, is another way of saying: 'Telling The Truth.. Applying that to Royal Doulton is quite a task as they don't have an open door policy and how the RD products are going is just a guess buy looking at the prices they charge and the results on Ebay. I have chosen Ebay since they are the only ones that publish the statistics of their auctions and sale, etc  

By viewing the results on Ebay you can see that the new RD figurines aren't doing too well, which is similar to the old RD figurines. You can only conclude that the market is relly in bad condition.

Buy looking at the websites of RD dealers you can't make any conclusive statements as to the market condition. The prices they charge are generally reduced which really hurts as they don't like to go below cost and that is exactly where they have to go. If they can't sell, they're in real trouble as overhead costs will eventually kill them.

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