Royal Doulton Collectors Club


New Features From The Royal Doulton Collectors Club:

Welcome to the Antiques Repository.
Our name sounds like a deposit for a financial institution or a storage facility for antiques. It's not what it looks like. Antiques are precious to thousands of collectors throughout the world. They would like to preserve them without sending their treasures out of their homes.
This is an opportunity to preserve your collection with you the only viewer. We do this by giving you a special code sent to you by email. When you want to view your collection, just email us and away you go. 

The fee for this service depends on the number of items in your collection. We have to make a website only for you. Email us for further details.

            Our email address is:
                      Remember it and paste it into your emai
l program. We don't want it to connect automatically, as it leaves a trail.