Welcome to the Royal Doulton Collectors Club.

The 'Royal Doulton Collectors Club', referred to as 'RDCC', is continually being developed and is an inter-active website that welcomes your participation, opinions and blogs.

The RDCC is a club that's open to the public. It's registered in the State of Colorado, USA.

There is no membership fee at this time and we only ask you to abide by the rules as expressed in "Legal Information".

The purpose of the RDCC is to provide its viewers with entertainment and educational materials, buying and selling abilities and continuation of your interest in Royal Doulton.

We differ from all of the sites I've seen is that you can call me directly or send me an email if you wish. We program websites and webpages and have over 500 figurines and other Doulton items. You have the option of talking to me while I program your website as you wish. It's done on a friendly basis where you set your own prices and I just type away. I charge $15.00 per hour. You pay via PayPal and leave a credit balance to dig into. There are no other fees and your listing is online for 1 year. Special prices for leaving a website online.

Since there is no other 'official' website or company that duplicates our activities, I thought it important that a website be created to further the entertainment and educational value found in Royal Doulton. The Royal Doulton Company that exists in Indonesia is not associated with us and in fact differs from us in most respects.

Hopefully you will appreciate our goals  by continuing on with your interest in Royal Doulton.

Thank you,

Harvey Liss

Email Us by copying the following email address and pasting it into your email program: harvjudliss@gmail.com


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Royal Doulton Collectors Club

Email Us by copying the following email address and pasting it into your email program: harveyliss980@gmail.com