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September 2018


    Harvey Liss                    

Issue No. 9

Clue: He's not too popular around Portugal

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Make Royal Doulton Great Again

Royal Doulton is one of the oldest companies that has gone from manufacturing essentials (sewer pipe) to Antiques and Collectibles.

There have been periods when Antiques and Collectibles (refer to as A&C) haven't faired too well in the marketplace; we are engaged in one at the present time. It was a coincidencel that Doulton left England to establish production in Indonesia, all in search of a marketplace and money with the downturn in A&C. It is contributed to the death of old timers, downsizing and the technological advances such as the Internet and Cell Phone.  The marketplace is filled with sellers and very few buyers.

In the long run Royal Doulton will still be around without leadership, similar to the headless horseman.

With all the negatives and few positives, I can only cover up the negatives with an educated guess into the future.

If you want to leave your great grand-kids a great inheritance, don't even try to sell your Royal Doulton items. Take quality photographs of your items similar to those you see on the Internet and pack your items away in boxes with all the other stuff and save them for the next generation.That way you won't lose money, but create an inheritance. You can put them up on 'The Repository' or'Coachman Antiques' and wait until the action begins once again.

You haven't lost any money, you've just saving it for the future. Isn't that a good way to avoid telling the truth, that it may take many years to recover your cost.

We can't face the truth on many things in our lifetime, but this one is painless and may be enjoyable, not like going to the Dentist (I was a Dentist for 35 years and miss it greatly.